Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Launch of the project-science class 7

As per letter  No F 31350/KVs/RO/EKM/2016-17 dated 22/07/2016 Mrs Philomina Machery(coordinator) and Mrs T Hema(Teacher I/C) attended the one day workshop for facilitation of PBL on 29/07/2016. The Vidyalaya has created a blog for PBL
A staff meeting of teachers teaching classes VI to X was conducted on 01/08/2016 and coordinate and teacher I/C explained the concept of PBL through ppt and should the RO PBL Blog -
The classes was distributed to each teacher as per the list attached and were asked to prepare one project plan by 8th August and find their project plan to and post it on the school blog as well . they will launch the project on 8th August and complete it by 31st August 2016.
Mrs T Hema (Teacher I/C ) launched the project on 01/08/2016 in class VII A in the presence of the coordinator topic storms, winds and cyclones.
Mrs. T Hema is instructed to guide the other teachers of this Vidyalaya in launching and completing their project in time.

Mrs Reshma – Technical support and updating of Blog
Mrs Vijini  - Photographs of PBL launching and uploading.

Mrs. Philomina Machery                                                             Mrs Sarjana Sangha
(Vice Principal)                                                                                  Principal
 PBL Coordinator

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